/Sli finds a sponsor

After reading our recent newsletter and visiting our new website, a generous Durban woman phoned our office to enquire about sponsoring a child.

We sent her details of three children needing sponsorship and she phoned again to let us know she had chosen Sli. From now on, she will cover the cost of transporting this little girl to our Centres every day, with her generous R500 monthly contribution.

As if that’s not enough, a week later this kindly person phoned again to ask if she could give Sli some personal items ... and we collected from her the most beautiful brand new winter pyjamas, cosy dressing gown, blanket and toiletries.

Needless to say, young Sli was over the moon and insisted on trying on the new sleepwear immediately!

With Paula’s help, we made a beautiful card with Sli saying Thank You in sign language on the front. Then Paula, Sli and a driver delivered the card to her new sponsor. She was thrilled to meet Sli and we look forward to sharing many more special moments with her in the months ahead. Thank you for your wonderful kindness!

If you would like to sponsor a Cerebral Palsied child or adult at one of our Centres, please click here – or give Ina a call on 031 700 3956. You could also fill a child’s life with joy!

[ Posted 11 July 2012 ]

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