Meet Amber

Amber joined our day-care Centre when she was 3 years old. She was diagnosed as quadriplegic Cerebral Palsied and is cortically blind. This means that although there is no physical damage to her eyes; the damage is in that area of the brain (occipital cortex) which transmits what our eyes see into images our brain can process.

She has muscle stiffness that restricts her range of movement in all four limbs and she is non-verbal.

However, Amber has a sharp sense of hearing and loves music! In our Centre, she is often to be found playing with musical instruments which calm and amuse her.

Another favourite activity is when the dogs from PAWS for People come to visit. These specially trained dogs display an amazing empathy for people with disabilities, and seem to have the capacity to interact with them on another level, creating a feeling of wellbeing and calmness in our severely disabled children.

DonateAmber has a custom made wheelchair with the necessary padding to support her body comfortably in the correct position. In 2005, she underwent surgery to her hip to reset the ball joint back into the socket. After 6 weeks in an A-frame plaster cast, the surgery was successful and she is now a lot more comfortable.

Amber is now 17 years old and enjoys being among her friends at the Centres.


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